We are a trusted leader in providing safety-critical uncrewed systems software and products. We develop innovative and reliable Command, Control, and Communications (C3) software, components, and subsystems with autonomous applications for defense and national security customers.

We are creating new autonomous technologies, certifying software for uncrewed systems (DO-178C) and building novel control technologies for soldiers and first responders.

Kutta actively pursues research and development projects, creates successful partnerships with commercial customers, and develops new technologies that enhance safety for UAS. Our experience and expertise in the latest technology trends and designs allow our customers to further their own product lines and integrate our products into their systems.

Take Control of your Mission

Kutta Tactical Controller (KTAC)

The KTAC gives soldiers the next level of universal control for all types of uncrewed systems. The rugged, modular design is based on smartphone technology and is designed to meet the environmental challenges of expeditionary on-the-move operations.

• Open interfaces for rapid integration
• Compatibility with ATAK / Android Devices
• Stand-alone or integrates with Nett Warrior