Kutta Tactical
Controller (KTAC)

Kutta Tactical
Controller (KTAC)

The Kutta Tactical Controller (KTAC) takes the Soldier to the next level of universal control for all types of uncrewed systems. The rugged, modular design is based on smartphone technology and is designed to meet the environmental challenges of expeditionary on-the-move (OTM) operations.

  • Innovative handheld device that provides universal control for all types of uncrewed systems
  • Modular design based on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) smartphone technology encased in a rugged enclosure that meets the demanding environmental challenges of OTM operations
  • Supports multiple tactical configurations for tethered and untethered operations and is easily integrated into the Nett Warrior ecosystems
  • Provides end-user with a non-proprietary, flexible, product with lower procurement and sustainment costs than industry competitors


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  • Open, non-proprietary interfaces for maximum integration flexibility (software & hardware)
  • Docks with ATAK-enabled / Android devices to add functionality to existing software applications
  • Operates as a stand-alone controller or an OS-independent external controller for Linux/Windows systems

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